Freelance work opportunities (Hallam Freelancers)

Fed up with working in part-time jobs that don't allow you to develop your professional skills and expertise? Are you interested in working on short-term projects for clients that need your talents? Then why not join Hallam Freelancers?  Hallam Freelancers is a unique offer to SHU students and graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) which gives you the opportunity to bid for short term contracts / projects, as required by businesses, on a freelance basis. 

Hallam Freelancers offers:

  • access to paid self-employed work
  • an opportunity to show case your ability and develop your specialist skills
  • a chance to get your name out there and network with professionals from your industry

Freshly Squeezed

As a freelancer you will be responsible for invoicing your own work and paying your own national insurance contributions. It will also be up to you to negotiate with the client on how and when you will be paid and agree on a deadline for the work to be completed. There is no need to worry! It might seem daunting but the Enterprise Team will be there to support you all the way!

In order to join the Hallam Freelancer agency you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Submit an online application via UniHub
  • Watch the online video training module. It provides essential information and advice on working as a freelancer.  You do not have to complete the entire module in one sitting, just save the completed sections and return when you are ready.

There is a short test at the end of the module to ensure that you have understood the key issues. Once you have completed the module, you will be ready to apply for the freelance opportunities which will be advertised on UniHub opportunities page.

 For more information on Hallam Freelancers:

  • Visit us in the Hallam i-Lab at our weekly Open House Wednesday afternoons. Drop in anytime between 13.00 - 16.00. The Hallam i-Lab is a dedicated enterprise and entrepreneurial incubation space on floor 6 of Aspect Court, on Pond Hill. (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
  • Contact us on: 0114 225 3131 or email at:

Use the links below to explore the Enterprise Team's full offer.

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