Booking an appointment

We work with all current full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, placement students, and graduates who left up to five years ago.

You can book an appointment by:

  • calling us on 0114 225 3752
  • logging onto UniHub

We are open on weekdays throughout term time and vacation. Appointments will now take place via Zoom or via phone; the Employability Adviser will confirm this prior to your appointment.

Careers Consultant Appointment

A 45 minute appointment to discuss any issues relating to your future career plans:

  • your potential career options
  • how to decide what to do
  • how to market your skills effectively
  • how to realise your full potential
  • postgraduate study options in the UK or overseas

Employability Adviser Appointment

A 30 minute appointment to discuss anything related to your job search. Employability Advisers also offer appointments to current students within each college. You can book through calling 0114 225 3752 or online on UniHub.

  • how to create or improve your CV
  • how to complete application forms
  • how to prepare for a selection event
  • what employers are looking for
  • how to find relevant jobs
  • how to improve your LinkedIn profile

What you can do to prepare for your appointment:

  • prioritise - there may not be time to look at all the issues you want to discuss in one session
  • have a copy of any relevant documentation ready to send eg. CV, application form, job description
  • complete as much as you can before the appointment using our online advice

Remember you don't need to have all the answers  - we are here to help

Practice Interviews

60 minute practice interviews followed by feedback, designed to improve your performance and confidence. These can be tailored to a specific interview you have coming up, or a more general practice opportunity. Phone us on 0114 225 3752 to book (practice interviews are not available to book online).


Telephone: 0114 225 3752  


Opening hours

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Fri: 8:45am - 4:45pm

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