Online resources

If you’ve never explored our website before, we suggest you have a look around at all the information and starting point pdfs created to help you! We also have specific careers resources on our Virtual Careers Centre site, and you can use LinkedIn Learning to improve or learn specific skills.

Virtual Careers Centre

The resources you can access on our Virtual Careers Centre are more relevant than ever! There are a collection of online interactive resources and tools, with feedback and advice, as well as self-reflection tools to help you 

See what a recruiter’s ‘recruitment bot’ would make of your CV! Upload your CV into our CV 360 online tool to get an insight into how employer’s computer systems may filter your CV. Have a look at the feedback – this is a good starting point for developing your CV.

Employers are going virtual – test your video interview skills

Practice your video interviewing skills with our Interview Simulator tools. An opportunity to practice interview questions and...

Think about your tech skills

Even before this strange new virtual world, employers were always looking for staff with excellent tech skills – this is going to be even more important now. Try a Skills Audit to see if there are areas where you could develop your skills.

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LinkedIn Learning

There are so many expert-led courses to help you discover and develop your creative, technology-related and study skills. Undertaking these courses will give you more skills to present to future employers; you can even get certificates for your LinkedIn profile to show you have finished a course. Find instructions on how to login and connecting to your LinkedIn profile on MyHallam

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