Support for graduates FAQs

Whether you have just finished your studies at Hallam or left up to 5 years ago, the Student and Graduate Employability Service is still here to help you.

You may have some questions:

“How can I get help to work out what to do, to find a job or further study?”

Let us help you to work things out. Most people find that it really helps to talk things over with someone else. You may have already talked to your friends, your partner and/or your family, and they will probably be keen to help you, which is great. However, we are professionally qualified in careers advice and guidance and we help thousands of students and graduates every year. This is what we do! We are completely impartial, supportive and respectful of you whatever your background or circumstances.

“Can I see an adviser for a one to one appointment?”

Of course. Here are the ways that you can make a one to one appointment:

  • In person at Careers Connect outside the Owen Building, or at the Heart of the Campus, Collegiate campus.
  • By phone on 0114 225 3752

More details

“Can I book an appointment online to see or speak to an adviser?”

Yes - self-book here on UniHub - see our 'Graduate access to UniHub' page if you need help or you can speak to one of our helpful staff at Careers Connect on 0114 225 3752.

“I have moved away from Sheffield, so I can’t get help from you anymore, can I?”

Yes, you can! If you can’t make it in to see us in person, you can have an appointment via Skype, telephone and/or email.

“What kind of one to one help can I get?”

If you need careers advice and guidance, please make a 45 minute appointment with a Senior Employability Adviser.

If you need help with your CV, effective job searching, application forms, or interview hints and tips, please make a 30 minute appointment with an Employability Adviser.

"I need more help to be successful at interviews”

Why not book a Practice Interview with us? The process is entirely conducted “in role” and the experience will feel genuine. We will give you detailed constructive feedback, and help with how to improve and be the best candidate for your next interview. Why not phone now on 0114 225 3752 and get more information on how this can help you – we have practice interview slots every week. 

“Where can I find help online?”

There is lots of information in the other sections of this website, check out our 'Student and Graduate' pages:

“Does Sheffield Hallam University have a jobs vacancy website for graduates?” 

Yes, it’s called on UniHub - see our 'Graduate access to UniHub' page if you need help or you can speak to one of our helpful staff at Careers Connect on 0114 225 3752.

Can I access help to become self-employed, start a business or work as a freelancer?

Yes, with the support of our dedicated Enterprise Team you don't have to get there on your own because we are here to help you make it happen and improve your chances of success. Check out our pages here for more detail of our free support and grants.

“What else can you offer me?”

As a graduate you are welcome to attend our skills sessions and other careers events such as employer presentations and careers fairs, more details of these can be found under events on UniHub

“How long am I eligible to use the Student and Graduate Employability Service?”

You are entitled to use our service as a graduate now and for up to 5 years.

“Aren’t you only open during the academic year?”

No, we are a year-round service. We are open 51 weeks of the year, only closing for Christmas week and statutory holidays.

“I’m not sure the Student and Graduate Employability Service could really help me; it’s really up to me to work things out isn’t it?”

Our advisers are all very friendly, knowledgeable, and very experienced, and we get great feedback. We are the top rated University careers service with a 96% student satisfaction rate! 

(Source: Student Employability Index 2015

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