Using social media and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often described as "Facebook for professionals". It can be used effectively as an online CV, but it is much more. Creating a LinkedIn account will help ensure that a professional profile appears in any Google search of you by potential employers. With LinkedIn you can use the "Alumni" tool to find out what previous graduates from your course have gone on to do -

  • gain ideas and inspiration
  • make connections and develop your network
  • identify the key skills that employees in your sector need to develop
  • research companies via their LinkedIn groups, pages, and LinkedIn members
  • demonstrate your interest in a sector by joining and participating in discussion groups

Sheffield Hallam students and staff are one of the biggest users of LinkedIn in the UK - why not join them?

Setting up your profile

When you start creating your LinkedIn profile you might want to keep it private until you are happy with the content.

Start by adding a professional looking profile picture and a summary of your skills and specialist knowledge. Add your job title, or if you are a student, details that will make employers notice you - your skills and experience.

Keep building your profile, adding work or voluntary experience, details of your skills and achievements. You can add rich content such as videos or presentations to really make your profile stand out, and highlight what you have to offer.

Start making connections

Start with people you know, other students, lecturers, work colleagues and build from there. You will soon see your network grow. If you meet people at fairs or events follow up on LinkedIn, there is space to record how you met as a reminder for the future. You will also be able to follow organisations you are interested in. This will help you get a feel for what they are currently involved in, what is happening in a sector and what they are looking for in potential employees.

Once you have connections you may start getting endorsements for your skills, or recommendations, and you will be able to endorse others.  This is a great way to be recognised for your skills and potential employers will see that you are not just saying you have a skill, you are known for it.


A good way to get started is to join a group you are interested in. You can contribute by joining discussions and, when you are confident, start your own. People who post content get noticed (make sure it is for the right reasons) and LinkedIn is now a top way to be headhunted for a job.

Changes to the LinkedIn Desktop Platform

As of February 2017, the LinkedIn desktop platform was re-designed to be more consistent with the LinkedIn mobile app. As a result, some of the previous functionality was removed and some new features introduced. To find out more about the changes, please look at the video link and/or leaflet on this page.

Need help?

If you want help getting started, or some tips on how to improve your profile make an appointment with an advise or come along to one of our LinkedIn workshops.

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