Part-time jobs coronavirus update

Please find below updates on payments and future shifts:

Casual worker shifts

Any future and current campus job opportunities will be reviewed, and at no point will future jobs and shifts be offered unless managers are certain that the work environment is safe to appoint you as a casual worker.

  • I am actively working and have agreed future shifts: Please contact your Hiring Manager who can submit timesheets on your behalf. Pending instruction from Hiring Managers, the University is committed to processing any payment of hours that would ordinarily be worked up until the end of April 2020.
  • I am not actively working: Campus Job shifts are at the discretion of University Hiring Managers. As a casual worker, working under a Casual Worker Agreement, hours are allocated to you as and when the University requires workers to support. There is no guarantee of hours.

Tier 4 visa workers

You are permitted to work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week in term time. Any future payments processed will be classed as hours you have worked and will count towards the 20 hour weekly limit. Please ensure that you don’t commit to working in excess of 20 hours per week either on campus on behalf of the University or with external employers. The working week runs from Monday to Sunday.


Managers have been advised to submit timesheets to process any payments of hours that would ordinarily be worked up until the end of April 2020. If you have agreed to work shifts in a Campus Job until the end of April, please contact your Hiring Manager if you have queries around pay.

Looking for new part-time work

We now have a dedicated page on UniHub with recommended part-time work for students and graduates in need of an immediate income.

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