Teaching Information for Disabled Students

Information for disabled applicants can be found on the Get in to Teaching website.  The activities that a teacher must be able to perform are set out in the Education (Health Standards) (England) Regulations 2003.

These activities include: 

  • planning and preparing lessons and courses for children and young people 
  • delivering lessons 
  • assessing development, progress and attainment 

There is no legal requirement for a teacher to be able to lift heavy objects, drive, swim, deal with a child’s everyday physical needs or participate in physically demanding activities. 

To be accepted onto a teacher training course and gain qualified teacher status (QTS), the law currently requires all prospective teachers to complete a declaration of health questionnaire. Applicants declaring a disability or a medical condition that may impact on their ability to teach may be asked to meet with an occupational health adviser. The adviser will consider the reasonable adjustments that will enable you to fulfil your obligations as a teacher. 

If you are disabled, and would like to discuss: 

  • going into teaching as a career 
  • applying for teacher training 
  • disclosing your disability 

You might find it helpful to make an appointment to see an adviser.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 10:51