Help! I don't know what to do

Are you feeling unsure about your career direction? Not sure what to do when you leave university? Are you getting anxious about not having a career plan? You're not alone. You may feel that all of your friends know what they want to do, and that you are getting left behind. It's time to focus on yourself and get some help to think things through, rather than struggling with it on your own.

To make a start, it helps to understand how effective career planning starts:  with self awareness (and not by following the impulse to try to pick a job "off the shelf"). If you haven't already read it, you may find the self awareness section useful. 

Why not watch our Help! I don't know what to do video? You can follow this up by attending one of the Careers Focus sessions also entitled Help! I don't know what to do, which aims to reassure you, boost your confidence and provide strategies to help you start to move forward with your career ideas.


You can always book to see a Careers and Employability Adviser, who will help you through the careers guidance process, to start to work out what you can do. We are qualified and experienced professionals, and we are very used to helping people who are stuck, have "too many" ideas, or have no idea at all about what they want to do.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 14:58