Getting into teaching

Getting into teaching

 Consider who, what and where you want to teach…

  • Children, young people or adults
  • Schools, colleges or early years provision
  • UK or abroad
  • Alternative settings, such as prisons or community education projects
  • Private clients or institutions. 

There are many routes into teaching, including university based courses, school based learning and courses at different levels for teaching post-16. Career changers are welcome.  For more information see

Shortage areas include secondary Maths, Sciences and Languages (with financial incentives to train to teach in these subjects). History, English, PE and Primary teaching are popular and entry is competitive.

For information on teaching English as a Foreign Language in the UK or abroad see  Prospects and Working Abroad  

Start researching early on, ideally before your final year. Many courses fill up quickly, so make an early application, in Semester 1 of your final year. The following sections will give you more information.

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