Exploring Teaching as a Career

A key starting point for information on teaching in schools is the Teaching Website. This website contains information including Life as a Teacher, Subjects and Age Groups and Teacher Salaries 

Choosing which age-group to teach 

This can be a difficult decision. It is possible to train to teach at the following levels: 

  • Early Years (age 0-5)
  • Primary (3-11)
  • Secondary (11-18) 
  • Post-16 or Adults 

Ask yourself: 

  • do you like the idea of having your own class for a whole year and teaching a range of subjects (primary/early years), or would you rather specialise in your subject area and teach a number of different classes in a week (secondary or post-16) ?
  • would you like to work in a school (primary or secondary), or is the idea of teaching in a college or working with adults more appealing (post-16)? 

Top Tips

Have a look at these job profiles: Early Years Teacher, Primary Teacher, Secondary Teacher and Further Education Teacher - follow the links from this page.

Research the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary levels to find out more about what you would teach. 

Get some experience with different age groups if you are not sure about which would suit you best. 

Not sure about teaching?

Whilst you are studying for your degree you have the perfect opportunity to gain work experience to help you decide whether teaching is the right career choice. It also prepares you to move on into professional teacher training after your degree, although some graduates do go on to work in schools in teaching assistant and other support roles following graduation. There is now also a paid Try Teaching scheme for graduates which could help you decide if teaching is for you.

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