Preparing for a teacher training interview

Interviews for initial teacher training can vary from provider to provider, and alongside the interview will almost certainly include:

  • teaching exercise

  • literacy and numeracy tests

The assessment might also involve:

  • group interview, discussion or activity

  • presentation - prepare ahead

You may also be:

  • asked to create an activity using a prop - on the spot!

  • asked to produce a written report

  • interviewed by children

Preparing for the interview

For examples of interview questions, have a look at the resources in the Suggested Links section. You can also use the general resources in the Interview section

Tips for the teaching exercise

If you are being interviewed at a school, it is likely that you will be asked to work with a small group of children. Think about how you can make the session engaging and interactive. You will usually be given a brief of what type of lesson they would like you to deliver.

If you are being interviewed at a university, then you will usually be delivering a session to other candidates who are also being interviewed that day.


  • Structure - it might sound obvious but don't forget to introduce the lesson and also remember to plan how you will draw it to a close. 

  • Keep it simple - the main thing is how you work with the group and get your ideas across.

  • Resources - if you need to use resources within the teaching session, think about what you will have to take with you.  Not only will you have to carry them with you all day, but you can overwhelm yourself, and your audience by trying to use too many 'props'
  • PowerPoint/presentation software - you need to make sure you check the information that you receive about your interview/assessment; many providers will specifically request you that you don't  use this (or other software applications).

  • Delivery - pace (slow down, be distinct, practise timing)

  • Non-verbal communication - eye contact, body language, will you stand/sit?

Teach First

Teach First hold assessment centre days - you can find information about these on the Teach First website.

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