How to write an effective personal statement for teaching training

Admissions tutors on teaching courses were asked what they look for in candidates…these were their responses. 

Why you want to teach? 

Demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and commitment - for teaching, and your subject/chosen age group. 

Use your experience 

  • Evidence of recent experience in school - what you learned from it (not just a description). 
  • Show an awareness and understanding of the classroom environment (based on experience in school) e.g. the role of the teacher, behaviour management. 
  • Make reference to other experience you have (e.g. Brownie pack leader), and how this has enhanced your skills and would enable you to be a good teacher. 

Demonstrate your knowledge, what you can offer 

  • How your degree and previous experience lends itself to the subject you are hoping to teach. 
  • Show knowledge of recent/proposed changes to the curriculum in your area. 
  • For secondary, it can be helpful to give a breakdown of degree modules (not in the personal statement, but refer to in PS) if trying to demonstrate sufficient specialist subject knowledge. 
  • Show an interest in education that goes wider than the school classroom. 
  • Only 12% of primary trainees have maths or science above GCSE level. If you have maths/science above GCSE level, refer to it! 

Do you have other strengths eg music, drama, dance, sport…? What are you like? 

  • Give an overview/summary of the qualities you have that will make you a good teacher. 
  • Show confidence - but not arrogance! 
  • Good communication skills (is your writing enthusiastic, convincing, well-constructed, meaningful, appropriate, with good grammar and spelling?) 
  • Demonstrate resilience, and an understanding that teaching is a difficult profession - how will you cope? When have you been resilient in the past? 



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