Decision Making

After assessing yourself and the opportunities available, you need to match these up to find jobs that you are interested in. If you have researched well you will be looking for jobs that exist and are available. However, you need to be flexible and realistic - consider lots of options. You may need a back up plan, but above all stay positive.

Decision making is complex and everyone makes decisions differently. Some people go with their gut instinct, others like to talk it through and make lists of pros and cons.

Does your heart say one thing but your head another? Is there a dream job there but you worry it’s not realistic? (worries about relocating, how others might see it, can I afford to support myself?). Acknowledging these thoughts can help you find a resolution. If there’s something you really want to do, is there a compromise, or perhaps it’s something you can work towards? 

Sometimes there are opportunities to test out your ideas. We can help you find work experience opportunities, including voluntary work, and discuss different career directions to enable you to take the next step. We will help you to devise your own Career Action Plan. We can do this even if you are still unsure of your ultimate career choice - the next steps may be to go and explore, gain more experience, try something new, so that you have more skills, knowledge, information and experiences, and so can start to get a clearer idea of what you would like to do. You may end up trying something, perhaps through volunteering, that you would never have previously considered, or thought you might enjoy, and end up really loving it. 

Most people will change careers more than once in their lifetime, so you will find yourself making decisions again. With experience you will find it easier. There is usually no right or wrong answer, and if you do find yourself in the wrong career remember you will still be gaining skills and experience that you can use later. You may find new opportunities through your current role or people you have met. 

Next step: Action Planning - time to make your ideas a reality

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