Applying for Teacher Training

School Direct and SCITT

Applications for PGCE, School Direct and SCITT courses are made online through UCAS. Their website contains detailed information on the courses available and the application process. UCAS opens in October for Apply 1 (see Key Dates below), where you can make 3 choices - this can be 3 PGCE places, 3 School Direct or 3 SCITT places or a mixture of the three. 

The same application form is sent (once your references have been received by UCAS) to all three providers, so you will need to bear this in mind when you are completing your personal statement. Providers have 40 days to make their decision, and it is during this period that, if you are invited to attend an interview, the interview will take place. You can accept only one place, and have 10 days from receiving the last decision to respond to any offers. 

If you are unsuccessful at this stage, then you can apply again through Apply 2. The process is the same as before but at this stage you can only make 1 choice at a time. Final applications for Apply 1 are accepted until September of the following year, with applications through Apply 2 being accepted until the end of the October. Despite these official closing dates, many courses are full well in advance of these dates, so early applications are advised. 

Key dates for applications on the UCAS website here.

Writing your personal statement

It is important that the personal statement section of your application is relevant and effective. Before submitting your application produce a draft copy of your personal statement and ask an adviser to check through it. For PGCE, School Direct and SCITT applications, the personal statement section allows you to enter 47 lines of text (about 4000 characters). Blank lines and other invisible formatting are included in this line/character count. To ensure you keep within the line limit and permitted number of characters we recommend that you use Verdana, font size 11 and copy your text onto Notepad, or other simple text editing software, before pasting it into the application form. Find out more information about what to include in your personal statement


Your application cannot be processed unless both references have been received, so it is really important that you have spoken to your referees and made them aware of the process. There is useful information for them about the reference process on UCAS website. One reference must be from someone at university who can comment on your academic ability and potential, preferably your academic tutor. Make sure you check with your tutor that they are happy to act as a referee, and allow enough time for them to write your reference - don't leave submitting your application until the last minute and then expect your referee to be able to produce a reference immediately. The other reference can be from someone who knows you from work or who can comment on your character and your potential as a teacher.  You must not use family members, friends, partners or ex-partners as referees. 

Applying for Teach First

Find out about the application process for Teach First at their website Recruitment is done on a rolling basis from the summer, with some subjects filling up early on.

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