Working Outside the UK and Returning Home

Whether you are aiming to return to work in your home country or elsewhere outside the UK after graduation, it is important to prepare as early as you can. Many graduate vacancies are advertised up to a year before the start date and some countries have complicated visa application processes that can take over a year. Planning is essential. It is important to research the graduate job market, in the country of your choice, including:

  • work permit requirement and timescales for obtaining a permit
  • vacancy sources
  • relevant employers in the sector you are interested in
  • skills, experiences and qualifications required
  • timescale and procedures for applications including format of CVs and interviews 

If you are an international student who is returning home to find work, you may feel you know your local job market:  however for in depth advice and information about working in and applying for jobs in individual countries visit the Working Abroad section.

International Students with a UK education

If you are an international student who is returning home to find work you may feel you know your local job market, but if not then you may find the gradlink series of website helpful.  Tailored to different countries these offer case studies, career profiles, insights in to the local labour markets and job vacancies.

Be proactive:

  • if you are visiting the country you aim to work in, prior to graduation, make speculative applications prior to your visit. It may be possible to organise interviews while you are there 
  • use online newspapers to source vacancies such as Online newspapers and The Paperboy 
  • overseas government run jobcentres
  • professional journals from your country of choice
  • make the most of careers events, fairs and university student groups to develop contacts 
  • websites of overseas universities: for job fairs abroad
  • make use of family and friends in your country of choice. They may be able to source vacancies and offer specific advice
  • the University's Alumni Connect can help you identify former Sheffield Hallam University students in your region or industry
  • professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are an excellent way to network, enabling connections with alumni of Sheffield Hallam and people and companies in the industry and location you would like to be based
  • the British Council provides support for returning graduates in a number of  countries. They organise a range of activities including employability workshops and recruitment fairs. 
  • join or maintain membership of the professional body associated with your area of work 

Many of the larger job search and graduate career sites have international vacancies  - check out the suggested links for more ideas.

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