International Students

How can the Student and Graduate Employability Service help me?

The Student and Graduate Employability Service is free and offers impartial advice and guidance for all full and part-time students and recent graduates about career and educational choices. Using this site you will begin to increase your knowledge about working and studying in the UK.


Our staff can offer you individual appointments to talk about your plans at Careers Connect or in your faculty. 

The types of questions we often get asked include:

  • How can I find out about postgraduate study?
  • Where can I find suitable jobs?
  • How can I make my CV relevant to UK employers?
  • How can I describe my skills in a covering letter?
  • How can I find out about employers who are licensed to offer work to international students after graduation?

Careers events and workshops

We host a number of activities throughout the year that will be of interest to you. There are careers fairs focusing on different work areas as well as fairs advertising part-time jobs. The 'Work while you study fair' is popular with many international students looking to earn a little money during term time. Our Careers fairs take place across both campuses. 

We have a wide variety of employers who visit us every year to talk about their and graduate roles and placements. Multi-national companies and small local employers take time to visit Sheffield Hallam to explain their jobs and recruitment processes. You will have the chance to ask questions if you attend.

Why not take part in one of our many workshops?

At a workshop you will be able to talk with students from other courses and learn together about a number of topics such as 'CV's for part-time jobs and 'making effective presentations'. All careers events, employer presentations and careers workshops are listed on UniHub.

Practice interviews

If you get an interview for a job and would like to practice answering some questions in front of an interview panel you can book a practice interview. We will give you feedback about your performance and give you advice on where you can improve your answers.

Use booking an appointment to find out more about the types of appointment we offer and how you can book. 

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