Portfolio Advice

A portfolio can be hard or digital copy.  It showcases your work and demonstrates your innovative and creative skills.

When appropriate, do not forget to include a portfolio link on your CV. You will be offered freelance work or a job based on the strength of your creative ability all of which will be evidenced in your portfolio of work.

Key points to remember:

  • Whenever possible try to provide information on the conception, development and realisation of your project.
  • Research the company/gallery before sending your portfolio - identify their main area of work and ensure that your portfolio is relevant and highlights your strengths.
  • Organise your work in a coherent and logical manner: show the progression.
  • Quality not quantity - present your best and most relevant work at the beginning and at the end of your portfolio for the greatest impact
  • Remember to add the link to your CV or cover letter (email).
  • Make it available online and as a CD or DVD

Artsthread – offers an online portfolio service for graduates. for more information about putting together a portfolio look at 'How to build a portfolio' from University of the Arts London.


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