On the day

You have reached interview stage - well done!

The employer must have been impressed with your application and feel that you have relevant skills and knowledge to bring to the organisation. It is natural to feel nervous about interviews but remember that nerves provide the adrenaline which can give you energy and enthusiasm.

Be punctual

It is essential that you arrive for your interview on time. In the worst case scenario you may not be interviewed at all if you are late. Try to arrive about ten minutes before your interview - enough time to get your thoughts in order and review your notes without too much time to allow your nerves to build.

First Impressions Count!

Research shows that the overall impression can be broken down to:

* 55% visual impact * 38% tone of voice * 7% what you say

This does not mean that what you say is not important, but rather that it is your body language and how you look and speak that people will remember most from a first meeting. Important things to remember include:

  • Dress appropriately. Think of your interview as a business meeting and dress accordingly. It is better to play safe in this scenario - a suit and smart shoes are generally the best option
  • Smile when you enter the room and shake hands with each member of the panel
  • Wait until you are offered a chair before you sit down * 
  • Be aware of your body language - sit upright and avoid slouching
  • Maintain good eye contact
  • At the end of the interview, thank the panel for their time and shake hands

Be an active listener

Listening skills are vitally important both at interview and in most workplaces. If you demonstrate these skills at interview then the interviewers are likely to be confident that you will implement them at work.

  • Engage with what the interviewer is saying and give them your full attention
  • Make eye contact and nod at appropriate times
  • Ask for clarification if you are unsure about a question
  • Say - 'I just need a moment to think about that' - don't feel you have to answer right away

Remember, it's a two way process

Whilst the interview is primarily about the organisation deciding on your suitability as an applicant, it is also a good chance for you to decide if the organisation is a good fit for you. Think about:

  • the people you will be working with
  • the people that you have met during the recruitment process
  • the work environment and how it felt  
  • questions you want to ask the panel
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