Cover Letters

Most employers would expect to see a covering letter/email to support your CV. A carefully crafted covering letter/email should be interesting to read, professional and engaging in style and, most importantly, it should persuade the reader to read your CV.

Structuring a covering letter


  • Make clear reference to the job that you're applying for and where you saw it advertised. Include a reference number if specified.
  • If you're applying for a graduate or internship position, mention your course and year of study.
  • If you're not responding to an advertised vacancy then see our advice for speculative applications.

Why them?

  • This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you have fully researched the organisation that you are applying to work for. There's information on our site about how to carry out employer research.
  • Using your research, demonstrate clearly exactly what it is about this particular vacancy that interests you.
  • If you've met a representative of the organisation at a careers fair or presentation then do mention it as part of the letter.

Why you?

  • Clearly demonstrate exactly what makes you a good candidate for the role.
  • Summarise relevant experience and skills in a concise manner.
  • Back up what you're saying with evidence and make reference to the relevant sections of your CV.
  • Some organisations give details about their brand values and the key qualities that they are looking for from all of their employees. Try and demonstrate how your values/qualities match the organisation's values and qualities.


  • Be positive and demonstrate that you are looking forward to hearing from them.

Remember that just like a CV, your covering letter needs to be targeted. Recruiters are quick to spot a generic covering letter that has been used to apply for several different roles.  If you find a good example online you can use it as a guide but don't be tempted to copy it word for word as recruiters are likely to spot this.  

Remember that advisers are available to check over your covering letter - book an appointment for more advice.

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