Company and Sector Research

Carefully researching the company and sector that you are applying to work in can make a huge difference to the success of your application.

Areas to think about when you start your research:

Brand or Core Values Familiarise yourself with the organisation's brand or core values. Can you demonstrate your understanding of their values as part of your application? You may be asked how your own values and experience relate to an organisation's values as part of the application process.

Competitors/similar organisations How does the organisation that you're applying to work at differ from its competitors or from similar organisations? Why do you want to work for this particular organisation rather a competitor?

Latest Developments Be aware of the latest news stories in the sector. These could include major projects, changes in legislation, global developments and awards.

Information sources:

  • An organisation's own website is a key starting point. Remember that most candidates are likely to look at this, so try and go beyond this by looking at other information sources wherever possible.
  • Databases such as Key Note and Mintel can give you access to market research reports and financial information. You can access these databases from the Library Gateway. Library staff can help you to use these databases effectively.
  • Newspapers and specialist trade press can provide information about the latest developments in a sector. Speak to an adviser if you want to know which.
  • LinkedIn has a number of features that can help you with company research, such as company information, news and groups. To find out how to use LinkedIn effectively, book a place on one of our LinkedIn workshops.
  • Glassdoor has reviews of company recruitment, salaries, benefits and work culture.
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