Service overview

The Student and Graduate Employability Service is part of the Directorate of Business Engagement, Skills and Employability (BESE) and our mission statement sets out our commitment to the level of service provided to our service users.

Our Faculty Teams offer advice, guidance and information to enable our students and graduates to make well-informed decisions about their current and future plans, and prepare effectively for placements, internships, graduate level employment, and general recruitment processes. Teams work collaboratively with faculty colleagues to embed and enhance bespoke careers and employability development activity in curricular and extra-curricular contexts, throughout the student life-cycle. They are also a conduit to our centrally delivered programme of employability activity.

“Every student will be prepared for high skilled employment or further study upon graduation – delivered through an innovative, impactful and consistent employability offer”.

Our commitment to working in partnership with you to enhance employability development in the curriculum by:

  • an Employability Business Partner (EBP) approach to the delivery of the employability core offer and supported targeted for high priority areas agreed annually through a Faculty service level agreement

  • providing dedicated expert staff with Faculty lead and departmental caseloads to support career planning and employability skills delivery within the curriculum

  • offering expert consultancy to deliver capacity building and coaching, employability and career management pedagogy

  • an annual employability festival which will include a staff CPD programme

  • Online resources and monthly employability breakfast events for staff to support CPD

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