Support for LGBT Students

What sort of Careers Advice can you offer Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans students?

The Careers and Employability Service is committed to encouraging and empowering all students and graduates to achieve their full potential and to make well-informed decisions about their careers. All members of the Careers and Employment Service at Sheffield Hallam University will treat you with dignity respect and understanding, and give you non-judgmental, impartial and confidential careers information, advice and guidance.

The Careers and Employment Service also has a specific staff member with responsibility for looking after the needs of LGBT students, Linda Wilson. Linda is a member of the staff LGBT network, and understands the needs of LGBT students who are thinking about their future careers. You can speak in confidence to Linda via her email address or on the telephone, on 0114 225 3744.

We have an LGBT careers section in our Careers and Employability Centre, which includes hard copies of the published book: Starting Out: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Careers Guide: a tool to help graduates and career-changers find out more about gay-friendly employers.

You can also find paper copies of these useful guides:

Guide to your rights around sexual orientation issues, Guide to Finding LGBT positive employers, Guide to disclosing your sexual orientation to employers, Guide to your rights around trans issues, Guide to Disclosing your trans status to employers, Guide to Finding trans positive employers.

Do you offer specific careers opportunities for LGBT students?

Yes, sometimes the Careers and Employment Service offers positive action* opportunities to specific groups of students. An example of this is LGBT Career Mentoring, which we are currently running. This is to encourage LGBT students to consider careers in areas where there is current under-representation, and to help to support LGBT students to have positive role models. You can participate in the LGBT mentoring scheme as part of the University's main Career Mentoring scheme, and your decision about who you wish to come out to during the process will be respected.

*Positive action' is when something is done to help someone with a "protected characteristic". The Equality Act 2010 covers nine protected characteristics, which cannot be used as a reason to treat people unfairly. Amongst those nine protected characteristics are sexual orientation and gender reassignment.

There are various reasons why it may be appropriate to take positive action, such as if people with that characteristic are under-represented in an activity or type of work.

Does the university have an LGBT student society?

Yes. The LGBT student society is called the Hallam LGBT+ Group.  The group is a place where self-defining LGBT+ students can meet similar people to socialise and campaign around the issues that affect the LGBT+ community, whilst making sure LGBT+ students at Hallam are represented by their Union. The group meets socially once a week, and the LGBT+ committee meets every Tuesday to discuss campaigns and issues that affect the group and its members. The LGBT+ Committee is here for you. They run socials, campaign for your rights and offer welfare support throughout the year.

Their contact details are on their website as well as links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We encourage you to make contact with the society if you are already a student at the university or even thinking of coming to Sheffield Hallam.

Who can I talk to about an LGBT Issue?

There are several places where you can go for advice, guidance, or just a friendly ear.

  • The LGBT+ liberation committee run various social events which you are welcome to join. They also have a Facebook page and group
  • If something is affecting your ability to study, your faculty-based Student Support Officer may be able to help.  You can contact them via your faculty helpdesk.
  • If you are struggling with a personal issue and are finding it hard to cope, the Student Wellbeing Service could help you.  If appropriate, they can refer you to counselling or other forms of mental health and wellbeing support. Student Wellbeing is actively engaged in promoting LGBT events throughout the year, fosters links with LGBT groups in Sheffield and provides a range of information on the subject in their resource area.
  • The Student Union Advice Centre can offer advice and support on a wide range of issues, including bullying and harassment.  They offer daily drop-in sessions.

Alternatively, you might want to find support from other people who have gone through similar experiences. See the list of local LGBT organisations on the Student Support Services blog for more information on local groups and services.

What specific welfare support and information is there for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans students? 

Sheffield Hallam University prides itself on being a welcoming place for all students and if this is not the case we take it very seriously.  We would hope that no one is bullied, harassed or victimised because of their sexual orientation but we have to be realistic, and admit that very rarely it may happen.  If it does happen to you it is important that you report it, and do not suffer in silence.  You can read about the university's Sexual Orientation Equality Policy Statement for staff and students here.

The university also has a student charter which is a reference point for students and staff to consider the nature of the rights and responsibilities of all those included within the university’s learning community.  The student charter states that you can expect "an environment that fosters an inclusive, supportive and collaborative university community" and "to be treated with respect, professionalism and courtesy. We expect you to have respect for the dignity of others and be considerate and courteous towards the university’s diverse community."

The university has a network of Student Support Officers who you can contact directly and in confidence if you feel you are being bullied or harassed. 

How can I get sexual health support which will meet my needs as an LGBT person?

The Student Union has an Advice Centre where you can go to get confidential advice on any issue. There is information on issues such as sexual health, including specific advice for lesbian and gay students.

Does the university put on events for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans staff and students?

Once again, yes!  We are proud of the variety of events we put on around the theme of sexual orientation at the university, which are open to ALL staff and students. Every year we put on events for IDAHOT - International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and LGBT History Month

Does this involve events in the wider LGBT community in Sheffield?

Sheffield Hallam University sponsors Sheffield Pride and the Sheffield Pinknic.  Follow these events on Twitter at @SheffieldPride and @PinkNic_Sheff.

The student LGBT+ group links with the LGBT Committee at at the University of Sheffield, for their social nights out in Sheffield city centre and for other events.


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