After the interview

Phew! The interview is over but there are still things that you may need to do.

Reflect on your performance

Whether your interview went well, or badly, it is good practice to reflect on how it went. Think about which questions you handled well and those which presented more of a challenge. By analysing how you performed this time you will be better prepared for your next interview.

Ask for feedback

Whilst it can feel difficult to ask for feedback from employers, their advice is invaluable and will give you an expert's opinion on your interview technique. Most employers will tell you where you performed well and on which sections you could make improvements. The feedback you receive should be constructive and help you to develop your skills further - gaining feedback is about looking forwards not backwards.

Responding to job offers and multiple offers

Congratulations, you were successful at interview! However, try not to rush into accepting a job offer without being sure that it is the right opportunity for you. 

Things you should consider when offered a position include:

  • on accepting a job offer you enter a contractual agreement with the employer - it is better to take time considering the offer than to change your mind later
  • following the verbal offer you should receive a written offer, via letter or email, clarifying further details such as location, pay and terms and conditions
  • if you want to negotiate on salary be realistic. Research what similar companies pay for a comparable role and be reasonable during the negotiation process If you have the enviable problem of deciding between multiple job offers don't just base your final decision on salary.

There are a range of other things to think about:

  • consider what motivated you to apply for each role - go back to your research
  • reflect on the people and the environment - how did you feel at interview?
  • consider which role will offer better progression routes and opportunities for skills development
  • how do you normally make good decisions? Pros versus cons or gut instinct?

Rather than making a rash decision take a few days to consider the above.

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Monday, January 13, 2020 - 12:07