Finding Job Vacancies

A graduate job is any job where the employer is looking for a candidate with a degree qualification. Some of the biggest companies take on large numbers of graduates each year, and these are called "graduate schemes".

Did you know that the university has its own graduate job website? It has hundreds of job vacancies, some of which are not advertised anywhere else. Take a look at 


Other places to look for graduate opportunities include:

  • graduate recruitment websites (see the links on the right).
  • recruitment fairs
  • local and national press
  • trade fairs and journals
  • professional associations
  • recruitment agencies
  • social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn (If you have a strong, positive social media presence you may find employers target you)

Many vacancies are never advertised, so you may need to do more than internet job searching and be more "proactive" in order to find a role that suits you. This means researching companies, finding out what they do, identifying their needs, and approaching them to sell your skills to them.  

Don't forget to network - with friends, or people you have met through work experience placements, part time jobs and volunteering. They may know companies who are looking for someone with your skills. Sign up for updates from companies you are interested in.

Employers expect you to understand their business and the role you are applying for. Graduate schemes will be highly competitive so you need to stand out, and being well informed will help you do this. If you have done your research and want to target an application then have a look at company and sector research for how to use this knowledge in your applications. It is also useful when you are making a speculative approach to companies.  

If you are looking for part time work or jobs on campus please look at the Campus Jobs information.

Keep motivated, if you don't find a job straight away, think about constructive ways of using your time to gain new skills and experience.

You might want to check out some of the suggestions in the Getting Experience section. There are many ways of gaining new skills and expertise that will be valuable in your career.

Recruitment Agencies - how to use them to find work

Recruitment agencies can provide an additional source of employment opportunities during your search for graduate employment. Recruitment agencies operate in a wide variety of industry sectors and can be a great additional option to your other methods of job searching. They can place you in both temporary and permanent positions. Some specialise in working with new graduates too.

Look for recruitment agencies that work to help graduates. Some agencies only deal with senior management roles, so only approach agencies which can meet your needs as a graduate. Some agencies specialise in industries like law, finance or engineering, others on a type of role such as project management or administration. Some sectors rely heavily on agencies to find staff while others do their own recruitment. Do some research to find out which approach is best for the jobs you are interested in.

What do agencies do?

An agency's responsibility is to their “client”, which is the employer which has a vacancy. The client pays them a fee for finding and selecting the right candidate. They may be helpful to you as a job seeker, but they are not obliged to help you if they feel you don't meet their client's requirements.

Important: In the UK, agencies cannot legally charge you for helping you find a job. Recruitment Agencies that are based outside of the UK may charge you a fee, as they are not governed by UK law.

You can read our guidelines on using recruitment agencies here: Recruitment Agencies - how to use them to find work

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