Finding a Job

Ready to find a job?  Where do you start?  

These days companies might advertise on their website, on social media, or even in a newspaper but they will also fill a lot of vacancies without needing to advertise. Companies often hire people who they know, whether through a placement, part-time job or word of mouth. Some vacancies get filled because people like you made a speculative application. It might take some planning, but with a bit of hard work you can find just the right job for you.

Use this section to find out more about where to find job vacancies, how to maximise your impact via social media and what the major graduate schemes can offer.  

If you are interested in working abroad there are some useful resources to help you start thinking about this, and find vacancies. Another option may be to work for yourself. Self employment is something that you might want to consider and there is more support available than you might think.

If you want to know what types or role are available now and in the future then take a look at Graduate Labour Market Information.

Once you are confident about the type of job you want and the companies you are interested in make sure you are well prepared to complete applications and go for interviews.

Looking for part-time work while you study? - check out the Campus Jobs page for hints, tips and vacancies.

Do you still need more help to find a job?

  • Are you a recent graduate?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get a job?
  • Are you working in a job but it’s just a short-term solution rather than your ‘ideal career’
  • Are you wondering why you haven’t been successful in applications?
  • Are you feeling a bit demotivated or lacking confidence in your career planning and job seeking?
  • Are you putting off big decisions until you feel ready or inspired?

The 21 days to Careers Success for Graduates is an excellent information source of help. Why not follow it and put into action the steps it recommends?

(The “21 Days to Career Success” programme was devised and developed by Eileen Cunningham and Fiona Christie, both of whom are careers consultants and researchers in the field of careers and employability). 

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