Erasmus+ Information for graduates

What is Erasmus+?

The Erasmus+ programme enables higher education graduates to undertake a work placement in one of 32 other European countries and receive a grant to help and support their time abroad.

Where can I look for a graduate internship?

The British Council is the UK National Authority for the Erasmus+ programme.  On their website, they have links through to a number of job search engines which you may find useful and there are also a number of opportunities on UniHub.  You could also make an appointment to see an Employability Adviser who will be able to provide advice and guidance for your job search.  To make an appointment, go online, call into the Careers and Employability Centre or call 0114 225 3752.

Are all organisations eligible as host organisations?

The following types of organisations are not eligible as host organisations:

  • EU bodies, including specialised agencies
  • Organisations managing EU programmes (such as National Agencies) in order to avoid possible conflict of interests and/or double funding

Internships in representations or public institutions like cultural institutes, schools, etc. are allowed provided the student gains additional benefits through the cross-border placements as compared to a similar placement in their home country. If you are unsure whether your organisation is eligible, please contact:

Does the internship need to be paid?

No, the voluntary internships are also eligible for the grant.

Which countries can I go to/What is the grant rate for that country?

Your graduate internship must take place in another EU country (not the UK)

Country Grant rate (in Euro)

(high cost of living)

Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Norway


(medium & low cost of living)

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,

Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia

Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


***please note, these are the grant rates for placements June 2017 - September 2018

How long can I go for?

You must complete a minimum of two months up to a maximum of 12 months.

I have received the Erasmus+ grant before, am I still eligible?

There is a maximum grant available of 12 months mobility in the cycle from which the student is graduating.  For instance, if you have completed three months Erasmus+ study or work during your degree, you can receive funding for up to nine months as a recent graduate.

Can I undertake more than one graduate internship?

Yes, so long as each mobility is for a minimum of two months, the 12 month combined quota is not exceeded and the added value of having different receiving organisations is clearly demonstrated.



Do I need insurance?

Yes, please make sure you are sufficiently insured, for your time on placement and hold a valid European Health Insurance Card.

Do you need to be an EC National?

No, students of any nationality can apply for the grant. However, if you are working in another country you will need to consider VISA requirements. For further information on this you are advised to speak to the International Experience Team or contact UKCISA

How do I apply?

Once you have secured a graduate internship, contact us immediately so that we can send the necessary documentation to you. You and your employer will need to complete and return the following documents.

To apply for the Erasmus+ grant -

  1. Health and Safety Agreement - this will need to be completed by your host organisation
  2. Erasmus+ Application form - you will be asked to provide as much detail as possible about your planned internship, what you will be doing, what you hope to achieve from the experience and how you think this will benefit your employability

Once eligibility is confirmed:

Upon receipt of the Health & Safety Agreement and the Erasmus+ Application Form, we will be able to confirm eligibility for the grant. Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be required to complete the following documents:

  1. Erasmus Grant Agreement - you will need to complete and sign (this must be an original handwritten signature)
  2. Online Linguistic Assessment - should you be working in one of the following languages : Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. You will be required to complete an online linguistic assessment prior to beginning your graduate internship unless this is your native language. The link to access the system will be emailed through to you before your graduate internship begins. Please note that both these must be completed before you graduate internship begins. Failure to meet the deadline will mean that you do not receive the grant.
  3. Erasmus Training Agreement - this document provides the full details of your graduate internship, what you will be doing and what you hope to achieve from the experience. Quite often, you need the input of your employer which is why you will have one month from the start of your placement to return this document to us.

When do I receive the grant?

Upon receipt of the above documents, we will raise a payment for 80% of your total grant allocation. You will receive the final 20% at the end of your graduate internship and upon completion of the following documents:***

  1. Host Report - this will be emailed to you 2 weeks before your graduate internship finishes. This document must be completed by your manager.
  2. Student Report - the link to this online form will be sent to you the day after your graduate internship finishes.
  3. Online Linguistic Assessment - this can be completed once your graduate internship finishes

*** subject to full funding being available.

How is my grant calculated?

The grant is calculated at a flat rate for each month you spend working for your graduate internship. The grant is intended as financial aid rather than a sum that will cover your entire expenses. You will need to add to this with your salary, or other funds, to cover the rest of your expenses. The monthly rate varies depending on which country you go to (please see table). Please also ensure you have sufficient funds in place to cover your first two months on placement whilst your grant is being processed.

Will I need to replay the grant?

As long as you remain on the graduate internship for the duration indicated in your Grant and Training Agreement you will not be required to repay the grant. However, should you return early from your graduate internship before you have completed two months, you will be required to repay the whole grant. If you return after two months but before the duration indicated in your Grant and Training Agreement you will be required to repay the grant proportionally to the time spent on the internship.

If you have any further questions regarding the grant, please contact Jim McElvaney (0114 225 5665) or Louise Tudor (0114 225 3883) or email  Further information is also available on UniHub.

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