Answering Common Questions

Before you start filling in an application form

  • Familiarise yourself with the Job Description and Person Specification if available
  • Do some research on the company and sector. See our pages on Company Research
  • Be aware of the skills that you can offer and be prepared to give succinct examples of them

Many application forms ask for a statement to support your application. This is your key opportunity to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the role and to convey your enthusiasm.  

  • Demonstrate that you meet the criteria listed by the employer and give clear evidence.
  • Ensure that you don't miss anything out. You may think that an employer will think that it is obvious that you have the skills required for the role but you must demonstrate evidence of this on your application

Be a STAR!  

The STAR technique can help you to demonstrate your skills and experience to employers on application forms or interviews. It is particularly useful for questions that ask you to give an example of how you have demonstrated a particular skill.

  • Situation - Put the example into context - for example, did it take place at University, in the workplace?
  • Task - What was required from you? What did you need to achieve?
  • Action - Give details about what you did. If this was a team activity be sure to focus on your personal contribution to the team
  • Result - Give specifics about the outcome. How did the action you take influence the result?

If you need further help with using the STAR technique then book an appointment with one of our advisers.

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